What is Pilates?

A Little History...

Born in Germany, its founder Joseph Pilates, an accomplished boxer and physical trainer, worked and lived in England around 1912. Being a German National, Pilates was interned during the First World War at a prisoner of war camp on the Isle of Man. He developed his training and exercise programmes to help fellow internees to stay fit and to aid the rehabilitation of those bedridden with limited mobility.


Once release he moved to New York in 1926 with his wife, where he opened his first studio and continued to develop his exercise method, “Body and Mind Controlgy”. He quickly attracted eminent members of the dance community, who valued the method to help them improve their technique and safely rehabilitate and recover from injuries.


The Pilates method of exercise has grown in popularity in recent years, becoming more accessible to the general public being taught privately, in health clubs, studios and public mat classes. It is no longer considered the preserve of elite athletes, dancers and the rich and famous.


A thorough understanding of human anatomy and functional movement underpins the fundamentals of the Pilates method. As a result, many osteopaths, physiotherapists and general practitioners are now recommending Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise today!

About Maria

Maria Fantini successfully qualified with PILATESfoundation® UK Limited in 2006, whose teacher training programme is one of the most rigrous in the UK. PILATESfoundation® UK Limited is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of certification training, continuing education and code of conduct.



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'The wonders of Pilates....My whole body feels better this morning after pilates last night.  My quads are still a bit tired from the 10k but I feel so much better after your class.  What you have us do fits in really well with the other exercise I do.' Caroline


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