? New term of Pilates Mat classes for Beginners and the more experienced practitioners, starts Monday 1st November 2021. ONLINE BOOKING NOW OPEN!
A couple of our classes will remain on Zoom, for those not ready to come indoors to a group class. 
Simply scroll down the class listing. Click here to find the class that best suits you.
The next 8 week Beginners course will start on Wednesday 3rd November 2021 8-9pm. The BEGINNERS Pilates Mat classes provide you with the opportunity to lay down the foundations of your Pilates practice, building confidence and strength towards and Intermediate level class. You need NO past experience to join this class, though if you have attended Pilates classes before and you would like are more than welcome.
N.B. The general group Pilates Mat Classes are not suitable if you are pregnant or likely to be.  Please get in touch if you are interested in Pilates exercises to support you through your pregnancy. Email maria@fantinipilates.com if you would like more information.


Why Pilates ... ?

Pilates is suitable for EVERYONE regardless of age, gender or fitness level.  Using gravity, breath and resistance Pilates targets muscles groups - with specific focus on the abdominals - to re-educate movement patterns and rebalance the body.


"After 10 sessions you will notice a difference, after 20 sessions other's will notice a difference, and after 30 sessions you will have a whole new body." - Joseph Pilates

All About Maria

Maria has been teaching Pilates since 2006, having qualified with the PILATES Foundation® UK , whose teacher training programme is one of the most rigorous in the UK. Since qualifying Maria has had the great privilege of experiencing first hand, the tutoring of Ron Fletcher and Lolita San Miguel, two of the remaining Pilates “elders” or “original teachers” who were mentored and trained by Joseph Pilates himself !!


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'The wonders of Pilates....My whole body feels better this morning after pilates last night.  My quads are still a bit tired from the 10k but I feel so much better after your class.  What you have us do fits in really well with the other exercise I do.' Caroline


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