You can now book and pay your Mat Class Courses online.


MONDAY 04 MARCH 2024.  Click here or link above to be taken to the timetable and booking page.

Windows and doors will remain open throughout the duration of the class to ensure good fresh air ventilation.  Mats will be cleaned before and after each class.


PLEASE READ - Booking Policy:

For the cost of the term you pick a class from the timetable you can attend regularly each week.  You are booking and reserving your space in that particular class.  The term cost is for one class per week for the duration of the term.  When signing up for Online classes, you wil receive access to a recording of your class to allow you to practice as often as you like between real time classes.


The number of participants in each class is limited, to allow for physical distancing. Sorry, but refunds cannot be issued for classes missed however, classes can be made up on an alternate day(s) before the end of the term booked, participant numbers permitting. Check with Maria for options available.


HOW TO BOOK:  Click HERE to book online now. Scroll down the class listings to find the class best suited for you.  Credit and debit cards accepted.

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'The wonders of Pilates....My whole body feels better this morning after pilates last night.  My quads are still a bit tired from the 10k but I feel so much better after your class.  What you have us do fits in really well with the other exercise I do.' Caroline


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